Resume of Stephen Wilson

Senior Inspection / Integrity Engineer

An internationally experienced Chartered Engineer, registered with IMAREST and the Engineering Council.  Worked on diverse range of projects within the Oil & Gas industry including North Sea, Middle East and Far East.


Having worked up from hands on positions to management activity, I have continued to develop myself technically, my highest qualification being a Masters Degree in ‘Corrosion Control Engineering’.  This has provided me with the theoretical understanding alongside my varied practical experience.  I have good knowledge and experience of most corrosion and other degradation mechanisms commonly found on oil and gas process equipment.  I have experience managing the integrity of pressure systems and structures using a mixture of both prescriptive and risk based processes and standards.  Possess a high degree of personal and professional integrity, self-motivated and work well on my own or in a team with good interpersonal and communication skills at all levels.  I have a proven track record of delivery in remote environments and work in cross cultural teams. Broad knowledge and experience of various inspection and monitoring techniques (invasive and non-invasive):  visual, conventional and specialist NDT including various LR UT techniques / MFL / SLOFEC / LIXI / TOFD / Digital RT / PEC / INCOTEST / tube inspection techniques etc


At present I am working on rotational assignment at Tangguh LNG facility in Asia Pacific, managing the integrity of onshore and offshore LNG assets.  The main purpose of the role is to setup the IM systems and embed robust processes for future management of the facilities, whilst developing local Engineers as part of the BP Nationalisation programme.

Last Resume Update September 11, 2017
Address Hull, United Kingdom
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Pressure Systems Integrity Team Leader
Mar 2008 - Current
Team leader for a group of 12 engineering direct reports and approx. 25 staff in the Inspection contract team of P.T Incoray. Performance manage the facilities and integrity management contract, with quarterly PRMs. Assisted the Oceaneering Team to deliver RBA for all assets, ensured transfer into MAXIMO and managed the execution and operational RBA updates.

Developed a robust NII procedure / programme to challenge all site IVIs, utilised a range of specialist inspection technologies following review of credible threats against the PoD to provide technical justification to perform NII in lieu of IVI. Delivery of gPIMS installation on the offshore and onshore facilities, following technical and feasibility reviews. Worked closely with PSCM throughout the tender process and performed technical evaluations. In support of the TAR planning process, define and agree TAR related integrity ﴾inspection and repair orders﴿ activities / scope and input the FM / PSI items into TAR Programmes.

Management of IM Budgets, responsible for total Inspection spend and delivery to the plan, this contract was $4.2m over a 2.5 year contract. Other contracts included RBA $2.5m, gPIMS $235k, Annual TAR Budget $500k, Isometric Programme $400k.

Tangguh Inspection Authority for all static pressure equipment including piping, vessels and tanks. Responsible for sign off for any changes to operational use through the eMOC process. Responsible for the maintenance and revision of the AsPac IM high level strategies and IM procedures, ensuring all documentation and strategies were revised and enacted.

Supported professional development and mentoring of National IM engineering staff and responsible for SMART mentoring programme for 2 PSI Engineers, with guidance to CEng status.
Dec 2006 - Mar 2008
Carried out RBI assessments for BP Caspian project, utilising Questar P computer model in order to output WSE’s. Reviewed & evaluated operational data prior to assessment, then established corrosion / failure mechanisms in order to determine appropriate inspection techniques. Worked in accordance with PSSR, API & ASME standards. Carried out gap analysis reviews on BP GP’s to align internal procedures. Played a lead role during Peer and Integrity review meetings with clients. Solely responsible for the role out of 3 monthly authoritative review meetings, which involved giving presentations to clients summarising all inspections / corrosion concerns and anomalies that had occurred during the quarterly period. Managed a team of trainee inspectors to complete a comprehensive register of all dead legs on site. Carried out bi-annual RBI reviews on a number of BP Caspian facilities. Produced integrity statements for safety critical equipment and followed BP’s management of change procedure when required. Reviewed intelligent pigging data and produced anomaly reports when appropriate. Reviewed old anomaly system and assisted in the development of the anomaly management procedure.
Sep 2006 - Jan 2007
Provided technical assistance to various projects with regard to integrity management. Advised on future inspection programmes after evaluating inspection data and determined trends. Carried out numerous major vessel inspections during shutdown period in order to determine fitness for purpose in accordance with the written scheme of examination. Directed and supervised sub-contractor NDT activities. Assisted in developing and implementing ongoing measures to identify and mitigate corrosion of vessels, pipe work and structural systems. Carried out numerous RBI desktop assessments on a range of pressure equipment.
Sep 2005 - Sep 2006
Completed an MSc in Corrosion Control Engineering - University of Manchester (UMIST). A full time course that developed a deeper understanding of corrosion and its control strategies, covering a wide range of specialist subjects. Produced a dissertation on ‘The Development of Aluminium Slurry Coatings on Carbon Steel’.
Jan 2004 - Sep 2005
Responsible for all inspection activities performed, on both onshore and offshore installations. Organise availability of plant and equipment, which is planned to be inspected, execute / supervise inspections. Supervise sub-contractor NDT activities. Prepare shutdown inspection/repair work scopes for maintenance campaigns. Review completed inspection work-packs against work-scope requirements, and check all anomalies raised/assessed. Involved with RBI assessments for various vessels and pipe work systems.
May 2003 - Jan 2004
Time of flight inspection, extensive visual inspection, UT root erosion surveys on numerous vessels and associated nozzles, Corrosion - mapping. Extensive Ultrasonic (TOFD & manual pulse echo) experience; used such methods looking for hydrogen induced cracking in susceptible areas. Supervise NDT activities to ensure work is carried out as per clients specification.
Jan 2001 - May 2003
Used range of NDT methods in diverse locations to inspect offshore / onshore static equipment as per the PSSR requirements. UT inspection carried out on a wide range of large fabrication projects from bridges to vessel construction. Rope access methods were frequently utilised to perform visual inspection surveys on a number of Pressure vessels, caissons, drilling derricks, crane booms, heli-decks as well as flare tip change outs.
Responsible for the supervision of NDT technicians carrying out topside corrosion monitoring by means of wall thickness surveys, MPI, DPI and visual inspection. Worked in conjunction with ACET procedures, carried out corrosion trending using the software supplied, and reported and monitored wall thickness anomalies as per the client’s anomaly management procedure. Compiled reports and authorised inspector’s reports in compliance with client standards. Developed myself technically with the conventional inspection methods in addition to specialist equipment such as S.C.A.R system (Small Controlled Area Radiography), hardness testing etc.
Jan 1997 - Jan 2000
Completed the theory of all NDT disciplines and HNC during block release at Fife College. Successfully achieved PCN level 1 in all 4 main NDT methods, enabling me to gain the practical experience with host company OIS Immingham, before going on to attain PCN level 2 in all 4 methods. Worked on numerous shut downs and fabrication sites, applying all methods of NDT. Completed numerous tank inspection surveys utilising inspection methods such as radiography, UT, DPI, MPI, vacuum box testing, holiday detection and visual inspection, some of which were used in conjunction with rope access techniques.


Sep 2005 - Sep 2006
Completed an MSc in Corrosion Control Engineering - University of Manchester (UMIST). A full time course that developed a deeper understanding of corrosion and its control strategies, covering a wide range of specialist subjects. Produced a dissertation on ‘The Development of Aluminium Slurry Coatings on Carbon Steel’.
Open University
Diploma – Design and Innovation
Sep 2001 - Sep 2003
Open University
Open BSc Degree
Sep 1998 - Sep 2005
Study with the Open University, distance learning. Awaiting 5 point credit transfer from MSc, 295 of 300 completed.
Fife College
HNC – Engineering: Fabrications, Welding and NDT
Dec 1997 - Dec 1999
Fife College
NVQ Level 2 – Engineering Manufacture
Sep 1997 - Sep 1998

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