Resume of Anil Sawant

Senior Petroleum Chemist

Professional Petroleum Chemist & IFIA-UK certified Petroleum Inspector/Surveyor with 28 years working experience at onshore and offshore OGC operations. Last 20 years working at overseas countries like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, West Africa & Kurdistan.Experience includes Quality Control, Lab Set up, Calibrations, Quantification, Analysis, Certification, Custody Transfer Export Cargoes Quality/Quantity Inspections, Oil Movement, Export Operations.Extensively experienced in Analysis of Crude, Petroleum Products, LPG's, Chemicals, Dry Cargoes like Urea, Sulphur & Pet. Coke, Lubricants, Produced/Waste/Injection Waters including operations of modern sophisticated analytical instruments and competent to setup, run an Independent Laboratory for Crude & Petroleum Products. Last eight years dealing with all issues related with Oil Field Production Chemistry & Flow Assurance such as Corrosion Remediation, Scale Squeezing, Wax Mitigation, Hydrate Inhibition, MIC Management, Fluid Separation, Produced Water Treatment, Reservoir Souring, Oil Field Laboratory Management, Export Cargo Specification, Water Injection Quality Compliance, Vendor/Contracts Managements & Optimization of Chemical Treatment/Selection Strategies.

Last Resume Update May 20, 2018
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TTOPCO - Taq Taq Op. Co. (JV of Addax Petroleum & Genel Energy) at Kurdistan, Iraq
Chief Production Chemist
Mar 2015 - Jun 2017
One of largest on-shore Crude Oil Production facility at Kurdistan having two labs, 4 separates production facilities & still ongoing expansion.
Handling two labs having 8-10 Nationals Lab Engineers, monitoring analysis data & distributions of reports to concern parties, training & mentoring Notional Lab Engineers, periodic review of staff appraisals. Purchases Lab chemicals/Reagent, accessories, local & international procurement, maintain inventories. Being an experimental & still developing labs introduce new tests/methods, develop In-House lab procedures & update quality system documentations.
To oversee Quality Control, active field visits, prove technical support in regard with well site production Chemistry to well Engineer/Technologist & corrosion Engineers. Active participation in overall well testing activities like wire/slick line operations, Acid Stimulations operations.
Liaise with third party chemicals suppliers, Technical service/expertise providers.
As a part of Chemical management program responsible for procurement of all production chemicals & maintain inventory. Assessing new chemical injections trials, conduct & witness bottle tests evaluation in Client’s & our own labs, recommend overall technical performance of bidder as per rating & after awarding supply contract closely liaise with them for uniform un interrupted timely supply & technical support.
Active participation & technical consultancy over Produced Water Treatment, Corrosion Management & Waste Disposal Management.
Well conversant with well site & process chemistry, production chemicals, their dosage. Injection rates calculation by performing bottle test, periodically evaluate their performance efficiency.
Bumi Armada -Singapore
Offshore Chemist
Aug 2014 - Mar 2015
Being a brand new FPSO commissioned, responsible for setting up and running a totally new Field Laboratory. Manage/oversee all production chemistry services and activities. Export lifting Crude oil sampling & analysis. Analysis of produced/Sea waters, Lube Oil, Diesel, ATF, Glycols, Gases & Chemicals, OIW, SRB-APB-Microbiological Growth assessment. Calibration & maintenance of Lab Instruments. Control stock of instruments, materials & chemicals. Control & reporting of OIW, Oil Spill, H2S levels, Methanol & Unplanned discharges, COSHH awareness. Liaisons with third party Chemical vendors, field trials & testing programs. Active participation in Audits, Safety meetings, KPI compliance, HES policies, Waste management, Stop Audits programs. Investigate issues.
MEGPL-Marathon Oil Corp. ( Equatoriel Guinea, Malabo, West Africa)
Senior Production Chemist
Mar 2011 - Mar 2014
Sampling & analysis of Injected/produced water, Waste water, Crude oils, natural gas, LPG streams, Glycols & Lube Oils, Laboratory sampling and testing equipment to ensure the full complement of chemical application systems & laboratory capabilities are available & serviceable. Knowledge & operational experience in all aspects of production chemistry including management of Scale, Asphaltene, Corrosion Inhibition, Wax formation SRB’s,microbiological growth, Hydrate Inhibition, Fluid separation, produced water treatment, reservoir souring, export cargo specification & water injection quality management. Monitor applications, performances of chemical injections against Chemical Manager agreed KPI’s. Optimization of chemical treatment strategies. Management & reporting the results of chemical trials/MOC’s.All changes, trials and reports are completed in accordance with the requirements. Review reports, technical studies and make recommendations for improvements. Continuously monitor daily / monthly reports from the chemical manager for contractual KPI compliance, inventory management, make commendations for improvements where necessary. Review and monitoring any technical studies / chemical injection & chemical trials.Review lab. Equipments procedures, audit reports, update to ensure reliability and consistent valid results. Provide technical coaching and mentoring for new Nationals recruits. Manages the corrosion coupon change out regime and reports on the findings from the analysis completed by the corrosion coupon company/contractor. Liaising with external analytical labs. Monitors SRU, TEG system against expected acceptable consumption norms. Conduct & attend weekly safety meetings. Active participation in HES compliance, Stop Card audits. Maintain an accurate and sufficient inventory of all consumables required for lab operation. Maintain all laboratory instruments and equipment well calibrated in good working conditions.
SBM Offshore - Exxon Mobile FPSO - Serpentina ( EG, malabo, West Africa)
Offshore Lab Chemist
Apr 2009 - Mar 2011
Responsibilities include export sampling, recording test/analysis results within LIMS. Analysis of Lube Oil, Diesel, TEG Glycols, Crude Oil, Gases & Water,OIW analysis, Scale, Wax analysis, SRB-APB-Microbiological Growth assessment.Identify calibration requirements, Ensure that lab equipments are calibrated & maintained in working conditions. Control stock of instruments, materials & chemicals. Order, receive & store stocks to maintain at minimum required inventory levels. Maintain safe & healthy conditions in the working environment. Unplanned discharges to the environment to be identified, COSHH awareness. Experience working with Chemical supply contractors, field trials & testing programs. Active participation in Audits, coaching & mentoring local nationals,KPI compliance, HES policies, Waste management, PTW & Stop Audits programs.Management of Chemicals, third party suppliers/contractors, coordination/Liaisons with them, always maintain chemicals minimum inventory, apply changes in process, introduction of new chemicals, review, report outcomes, recommend changes as per lab & field trials, implement them as per new revised procedures by MOC's.Investigate issues, analyze root causes.
Intertek Caleb Brett - Middle East ( UAE, Qatar & Kuwait )
Senior Lab Technician - Petroleum Surveyor
Dec 1997 - Apr 2009
Attend Independent Marine surveys, Quality/Quantity inspection of vessels prior to load, transfer & discharge. On-Off Hire Bunker survey Inspections of LPG Shipments. Analysis witnessing at terminal & refinery laboratories as per client’s request. Calculations of quantity on board/loaded on vessel & delivered from shore & thus investigate loss, discrepancies, demurrages, dead freight followed by issuance of protest to vessel/Terminal on behalf of receiver/supplier. Run & maintained laboratory for custody transfer export full crude oil analysis. Analysis of crude gas & chemicals as per ASTM/BS/API standards. Attend loading & discharging operations of petroleum products at Jebel Ali port, Dubai for the Terminal/Depot like...Shell Caltex, Dugas, Emirate & Star Energy. Attend De-Ballasting survey to control oil in ballast water discharge. LPG (C3 & C4) loading & Analysis witnessing, re-certification at Dugas Terminal, Jebel Ali port, Dubai. Attend Methanol discharge & MTBE loading operation at Jebel Ali port, Dubai. Handled Bunker Quality/Quantity survey & claims for discrepancies at Fujairah, UAE Attended loading & Analysis witnessing at Offshore Dubai Fateh oilfield & Qatar offshore Alshaheen, Halul.
Nandan Petrochem Ltd.
Production Supervisor
Apr 1991 - Dec 1997
Responsible for Quality Control, Formulations, Blending & packaging of Lubricants. Handling daily production & other administrative works related to sale dispatch. Analysis of raw material, Base oils, Additives & all finished products. Carryout diff. formulations at lab scale Research & Developments. Also responsible for develop & formulate new Industrial specialty products such as Lead Naphthanate, Rosin Concentrate, Sulpharised Fats, Soluble/Neat/Synthetic Cutting Fluids, Textile Auxiliaries, Rust preventive Oils, Oil//Solvent based De-Watering Fluids, Oil Degreaser
Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. ( BPCL - Mumbai )
Internship - Lab Technician
Sep 1985 - Sep 1988
Thoroughly acquainted & fully conversant with almost all petroleum products test as per ASTM / IP / BS / API. Analysis of Bitumen,Reformate,Naphthas,Kerosenes,Motor Spirits, Gasoline, Fuel oils,Hexane,Benzene,Toluene,Mineral Turpentine, Gas Oils, High Speed Diesels, Waxy Distillates,LSHS,Water Analysis ( Boiler blow down / Effluent & De-mineralized water ), Gas analysis. Responsible for the preparation & standardization of Analytical reagents. Operated automatic Analytical instruments for both Qualitative & Quantitative analysis. Handles all types of sophisticated fully automatic petroleum Testing Instruments like GLC, GC, AAS, UV/IR, Spectrophotometer, Potentiometers, Auto Tritrators, Metrohm’s Titrino& Colorimeters, Auto Karl-fischers, JEFTOT & WSIM Analyzer, Research & Motor Octane Engines. Oil & Grease Analyzers.


Labor Ministry of India
Technical Diploma in Laboratory Technology
Jun 1988 - Sep 1989
Completed accredited Technical Diploma in Lab Technology which includes one year in plant OJT training at Crude Oil Refinery.
University Of Mumbai
Bachelor degree in Chemistry
Jun 1985 - Jun 1988
I have three years Bachelor Degree in Science-Chemistry from Universityof Mumbai, India

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