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Hardware Electronics Engineer

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Who I am
I am an electronics/hardware engineer and consultant, who designs, develops and improves electronic products. Essentially, I evaluate methods for solving problems, test proof-of-concept, design hardware schematics and PCB layouts, troubleshoot circuit boards, assess prototypes—and so much more!



Product design

Demonstrated PCB design and assembly skills for Mycronic AB. The application required high bandwidth and low noise signal handling. The successful prototype became the catalyst for employment and academic praise.
Proactive and efficient
Produced the very first technical documentation. Organised then optimised support department processes at Excillum. Direct result of these personal initiatives is a troubleshooting time reduced by up to 25%.


Problem solving track record
Evinced strong analytical and troubleshooting skills in over two years of successfully providing remote support on complex, cutting edge X-Ray sources.


Fast learner and hands on experience

Operational in half the time expected in my first role with Excillum

Enjoy practical work—soldering, troubleshooting and modifying circuit boards
Circuit schematics design - PCB layout

Soldering - PCB assembly



Hardware testing


Technical writing

Customer support and service

Customer relationship management

Knowledge transfer

Technical team training
I’m global! I was born and raised in France, work in Sweden, have travelled to India solo, and will relocate soon to Australia. My latest electronic design and build was a dryer/dehydrator from scratch—including woodwork!



Last Resume Update July 23, 2017
Address Melbourne, Australia
Phone Number 0401501924

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